Moving from Egypt to the United States


Over the past few years, most of Egypt has rapidly grown into an unsafe environment for its citizens. Throughout the streets, countless murders occur, thieves are everywhere, and garbage is scattered among the ground. This is precisely why a lot of parents consider bringing their kids to America. However, many kids from Egypt only know how to read, write, and speak Arabic. For these kids, it is a very difficult change to switch from one language to a completely new one. Luckily, some kids that have moved from Egypt to America have an advantage because in school they were taught how to read, speak, and write in English too.

“America is better for me to learn and have more freedom,” Klara Goone, an immigrant from Egypt, said.

Going to school in Egypt is very different from school in America. Schools in Egypt are  extremely hard, and the teachers give homework every single day in every single class. Then when children get home from school, their parents give them homework on top of the assigned school homework. They want  to ensure that their children are getting a proper education and that they are understanding the concepts being taught in school. The teachers are readily available for any needed help in  classes that students are struggling with. One major difference between school in America and school in Egypt is that in Egypt, teachers come to the student’s house at night to help rather than having the students come talk to the teachers before or after school.

“I think that America is better for school, because they don’t assign a lot of homework like Egypt,” Goone said.

In America, a student can work as soon as they turn fourteen to make money for school or to just make spending money. In Egypt, it’s way different. If a child grows up in a poor family, then they go to work to help take care of their family and they don’t continue on in school. However, children who grow up in a wealthy family don’t work at all and their parents pay for all of their needs. They  are completely dependent on their parents in every aspect.

Kids coming over from Egypt face a lot of different challenges. There is a language barrier for some. There are differences in school and parent expectations as well more freedoms when it comes to having a job. There are advantages and disadvantages for both; it just depends on the situation of the parents.