The Art Of Juggling

Her story as a Sophomore


Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter

Oswald Spengler once said, “The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” Clearly success is woven tightly with organization and balance. These are life skill that take some people years to develop but there are always exceptions to everything.

Aubry Copeland has always been independent girl, but especially this year more than ever. She has taken on the responsibility of JV PHUHS cheerleading for football, writing and taking pictures for the yearbook for PHUHS, and studying for her AP World History class.

“Being able to cheer for football and basketball was an incredible experience,” Copeland said. “I love that the school also allows us to take college level classes. It really gives me the experience and readiness I need.”

Copeland, an organized and studious student, has had plenty of experience with time management. She recognizes that in order to be productive, it’s necessary to stay on top of everything.

“Do not procrastinate,” Copeland said. “Definitely know the line between your social and school life.”

Copeland wants to help kids when she’s older.

 “After high school I would like to get my degree in psychology. I want to help [foster] kids through their problems.”

Copeland isn’t just a hard-working student; she is a true friend. Even if she’s doing homework and studying for tests, she can flip a switch and drop everything in order to help those around her.

Jewel Photopulos is a former cheerleading coach of Copeland.

“I think she is fun-loving, sweet, and organized,” Photopulos said “She has a very good concept of time management which allows her to do a lot of things, and still do them well.”  

Copeland always knows how to make someone smile when they’re down, she never fails to amaze, and always exceeds expectations. Although she may be one of the smallest girls at PHUHS, she has the biggest heart.