A Florida Winter

Will it be hot or cold? Students in Florida do their best to prepare for the chilly weather.


Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter

Winter? In Florida? These two things are not necessarily thought of together all the time.

Warm air and sunshine is what the people of Florida are used to almost all year round.

Snow may not be a weather option for this sunshine state, but there are almost always a few days of that mysterious cold weather. One week of cold followed by one week of 90 degree heat is something Floridians know all too well.

The state may not be known for having long, consistent, periods of cold, but it is known for being a great place to spend Christmas at the beach and as a perfect vacation spot for almost any season.

Sixty degrees is the average temperature in Florida during December and January. Not only does the Florida winter have an effect on physical environment, but it also affects people on an emotional level. Waking up to a chilly Florida morning can have a negative effect on students.

“I get really tired in the mornings because of the cold. I don’t want to get out of bed most of the time,” said Breanne Menikheim (‘19).

One stereotype of a Florida student is the act of  bundling up tighter than a mummy once the weather drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This inconsistent weather may also take a toll on the preparedness of a student.

“I am almost never prepared for a cold day, and when I do prepare it ends up being hot and I get really annoyed,” said Lindsay Prindle (‘20).

Although some students can be affected negatively by the cold weather, others seem to enjoy it.

“The cold weather makes me feel happy and more energetic as opposed to the heat, which makes me more sluggish,” said Ben Mason (‘20).

The cold season may not last long in Florida, but when it comes around, Floridians do their best to adjust.