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Cool Gelato at Coolside

-Gelato is the way to go.

Adam Geiger, Editor in Chief

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Nothing is as refreshing and cooling as Coolside’s Gelato. Home of the beerlato and Palm Harbor’s most local Gelato shop, Coolside delivers fresh and new flavors of gelato everyday.

Ice cream and frozen yogurt is something people see on every corner in Palm Harbor, but Gelato is something that is unique to Coolside. Who wants ice cream all the time? Why not be healthier about it and still receive the same taste, if not better?

By eating at Coolside, each serving contains only 2g-3g of fat. Whereas a typical cup of ice cream contains 7g-13g.

This should be everybody’s upset food. Why eat ice cream by the pound when upset when eating gelato tastes the same, gives the same feeling, but doesn’t make a person fat.

Opening up in 2013 from an interesting experience in Italy, the couple, Mario and Leila came home and had decided to open their own Gelato shop in downtown Palm Harbor.

This led to winning awards such as a “Certificate of Excellence” from tripadvisor. Also along with this award, they received first place for desert and second place for overall restaurant.

Although there are many benefits about chowing down on gelato, eating here everyday can become an addiction.

Yet the pleasures of Coolside Gelato outweigh the negatives. If there is anywhere to visit and receive a wonderful and tasty experience, there is no other place to go than Coolside Gelato.

1124 11th St, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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Cool Gelato at Coolside