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St. Petersburg Woman’s March

Olivia Fragola, Staff Reporter

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Posters spread love and support across of a sea of over 20,000 women and men, old and young.  People of all shapes, sizes, genders, sexualities, and colors band together to march for a cause; women’s social and economic rights.  Beginning around noon, cheering and chanting could be heard around each corner, the streets were lined.

The march happened one day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.
Peacefully, around 2 pm all 20,000 marched in a 1.3 mile loop around St. Petersburg, Florida, resulting in zero arrests, and no violent incidents.
The reason for the march is to send a message about women’s rights and issues, from equal pay to abortion. The main organizer of the event is Suzanne Benton, a longtime artist and activist, who said she’ll be celebrating her 81st birthday on the day of the march. When she discovered that there were no local plans, she took it upon herself to organize one.  When she did, she was surprised by the out pour of support. “People have come up… and out of the woodwork. The reason they have is that the moment is now. I’m not alone in my concern,” she said. “It’s happening.”

Aside from being record breakingly large, and no arrests, the experience was uplifting and brought comfort to some.  It proved that the women that feel alone in fact are not.  There are over 19,000 people who feel the same way as them, scared.
“Our bodies, our choice,” signs read. Alongside posters addressing other important social issues, such as gay marriage and  the wage gap.

Other event organizer, Amy Weintraub agreed that the only way to protest is with dignity.  “We can participate fully in the democratic process and be active citizens without ever having to go toward violence,” she said.
At the rally it seemed everyone had their own reason for wanting to show up. But all goals were the same, peace and equality for all.

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St. Petersburg Woman’s March