Eleanor Knightstep, Staff Reporter

There are only a few more weeks of school left, and then it’s summer! Meaning staying out till two in the morning with friends, bonfires, trips to the beach, waterparks, and an endless list of things someone could do over the summer! Every kid in elementary school, to college  kids are stoked about summer! No work, no late night studying and no worrying about grades!

Everyone does something different over summer, some travel out of the state to go and visit family, or to just go see a monument that is in that area they are going to visit. While others may go to concerts, or just hang out with their friends every day. Most teenagers however, usually spend their summers with their friends, especially if they have their license because then they can go out late at night and go to a park or go to the pier.

Over summer people also have the chance to meet new people, by going to camps. The camps where a person stays there for about a week , and they do things like make bracelets, shooting a bow n arrow, horseback riding camp,  and so many other camps! These camps are also great for social skills, however it is difficult if someone has social anxiety, shy, or just isn’t that great at making friends.

Some could go outside of the state, to either go visit family, or to just go and explore an area they’re never been to. Such as South Dakota, in South Dakota, people can go and see the Mount Rushmore monument, go explore the caves they have their, or go to one of their most well known towns or cities and just explore. Or in New York, people can go to Manhattan and see the empire state building, the Statue of Liberty, or they could be in the suburbs exploring the cute little shops they have.

Summer is a very big event that most kids are stoked about when it comes to the school year ending because they are free to do whatever they please, just about whenever they want depending on their parents and age of course). And when they go back to school, they are able to brag to their friend about what they did and show off all the new merch they got over the summer!