Teen Clothing Store is Criticized For Selling Clothes In Smaller Sizes


Madeleine Katz, Staff Reporter

The Brandy Melville clothing store is a new hit with teen girls and has 18 stores scattered across California, New York, and Hawaii and an even larger selection in Europe. Girls that don’t live near a store can go to their local Pacsun and find a smaller variety of the Brandy Melville selection. All of their clothes keep up with the current trends and attract the interests of many different girls with many different body types, however the store only sells one size that generally fits extra small to medium.

Controversy arose around the subject of the size of Brandy Melville clothing. It’s never been a problem that a smaller girl can’t fit into clothes at a plus sized clothing store, yet it’s now a problem that a popular store only caters to small and medium sized teens.Why is it that plus size stores like Torrid that don’t cater to women who aren’t plus sized don’t receive any criticism while Brandy Melville with clothes that fit extra small, small, and medium is criticized immensely?

Brandy Melville fits extremely well on most thin girls, unlike the small sized clothes from other brands that don’t always fit perfectly, because the Brandy Melville clothes are designed specifically for this body type which is the same thing brands like Torrid do for larger sized girls.

The difference in the way these two brands are treated might be because of the way society perceives a woman’s size. A reporter from The Odyssey observed that, it appears to be just as socially acceptable to make fun of someone for being slim as it is to make fun of someone for being overweight. You can talk to an underweight girl about her health, but you cannot talk to an overweight girl about her health.

Most of the Brandy Melville clothes are labeled “one size fits small to medium” which means that the convenience of shopping at a store with one size would be taken away if Brandy Melville started making clothes with more sizes. Once you know you fit into a few tops at the store, you know you will most likely fit into the rest, so you don’t have to try the clothes on every time you want to make a purchase.

According to Huffington Post, teen fashion blogger, Justina Sharp described the store as, “an exclusive thing: Congratulations, you fit into the clothes! Join the club. There will always be the girls who will try to squeeze into it. They’ll do whatever they can to fit in Brandy Melville.”

While some teenagers are happy to find Brandy Melville, a store where it’s easy to shop because everything is their size, there will always be critics of the brand. Even though there are exclusively plus sized stores, society does not find a small sized store acceptable even if it creates convenience for the shoppers.