2017 Trends


Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter

T-shirt dresses, velvet, and bell sleeves are so 2016. It’s time for new trends to come in and refresh wardrobes.

It seems teens these days are finding new ways to spark new styles.

Who needs a belt when a shoelace adds a whole new look to the outfit? As it turns out, shoelaces are not just for shoes. All you need to hop on this trend train is a shoelace and a pair of pants with belt loops. Simply tie the shoelace around the waist, and now the outfit is revamped and in style. Complete the look with any shirt and shoes your heart desires and that’s it.

Looks like the 90s are coming back in style with this new trend, mom jeans. These jeans are slightly baggy and high-waisted and are a hot trend this year. While they’re called ‘mom’ jeans, you can find these pants being worn mostly by teenagers. Some popular styles include ripped, light-washed, or acid-washed. Pair the pants with a crop-top and sneakers, and the outfit is ready to go.

Although out of style for a minute, jean skirts are back in, and are blowing up. These skirts can come with buttons down the middle and in an array of colors. These skirt styles are even popular in corduroy. Match them with a graphic-tee and a favorite pair of shoes.

As the year goes on trends will come and go, but so far in October 2017, these are the looks that have gained the most popularity.