What’s for Lunch?

Lunch is one of the most anticipated periods of the day for many students at school. Students have a lot of freedom during lunch. They are able to socialize with friends and take a break from the stressful school day, or they can choose to do homework due the next period and study for that pop quiz they heard about.

The most important part about lunch is the meal itself. Students are given many options as to what and where they eat, such as bringing their own food from home or buying food from the cafeteria or vending machines.

“I bring a lunch everyday, I prefer to bring my own lunch so I can bring what I like,” junior Jonathan Soares said.

Students bring their lunch because they like to make sure that they have something they like to eat.  Some students have certain things that they can not eat.  That might also have an effect on whether you pack a lunch.

Some students like to have the food they want when they are trying to be healthy because the cafeteria does not provide as healthy as options as from home some student argue.

“I like to have things I can eat when I am trying trying to eat healthier. The school does not provide the best options of that for me,” freshman Courtney Kallevig said.

Some students also buy a lunch from the cafeteria. The cafeteria at our school has a variety of food everyday. Buying food is a convenient way for students that don’t have time or don’t feel like packing a lunch a lunch in the morning.

“I usually bring lunch, but once or twice a week I buy max sticks in the cafeteria. I love max sticks because of the gooey mozzarella cheese and the yummy marinara sauce,” junior Jackson Bjelland said.

Lunch is always an exciting part of the school day, because of both the social life and the food. What do you eat for lunch?