Appreciating the Underappreciated

The truth about Plant Operations


Kalista Photopulos, Staff Reporter

The most underappreciated job at PHUHS is probably one of the most important. Plant Operations are the people that do the dirty work, literally. Seen sweeping up messes to fixing electrical troubles, they’re consistently busy finding a solution to a problem that needs to be fixed.

Not only do they take care of all of the students at school, but they also create a safe and clean environment. This team of people is often not only disregarded by most students, but disrespected as well.

They work both during the day and at night to make sure all responsibilities are taken care of. PHU wouldn’t be the way it is today if they weren’t apart of the daily, and nightly, responsibilities.

Mr. Douglas Fischer is in charge of the night crew and their jobs. Fischer works Monday through Thursday tirelessly.

“I make sure that everything about the school is as enjoyable as possible for the students,” Fischer said. “I like knowing that what I’m doing is making a difference.”