Time to relax and eat a ton of turkey

A break off of school, to relax, eat, and be with friends and family.

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Let’s Play Ball
December 9, 2021

During Thanksgiving break, Savanna Hutfliz and Lexi Chiger are planning on hanging out and watching Netflix. They look forward to relaxing without school.

Thanksgiving brings family and friends together, along with a whole week off of school. This break is right around the corner, where turkey and potatoes will be eaten, and people are thankful for everything in their life.

Not only students enjoy this week off. Teachers and staff adore this week too.

“I’m going on a cruise for the first time. My husband and I didn’t going on a honeymoon after our wedding so this is our first trip together. It will also be a relaxing break off of school,” Mrs. Amanda Mandurano said.

Both administrators and students at school deserve a week away from weeks filled with stress. Especially teachers, because they have to grade work, make lesson plans, have to explain certain things to students and a lot more.

While some people may have big plans during Thanksgiving break, others may not have anything planned and stay at home with family or friends.

“I’m going on a cruise during this break with my family and I’m really excited to leave Florida for Thanksgiving with no stress,” Heather Rodatz (‘22) said.

Even though it’s almost winter, other places like the Bahamas and Mexico are warm like Palm Harbor is now.

In our area, the weather isn’t as cold as other places during this time of the year it is pretty warm and humid but it won’t stop anyone from having a good time.

“I’m not doing anything over break, just chillin’ at home and hanging out with some friends and family,” Savanna Hutfilz (‘22) said.

No matter what anyone does during this holiday break, it’s a week off of school to not stress about tests or assignments and just have an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving break is also an excuse to eat a lot of food during feast day, and not feel guilty about it.