Keeping warm in winter

How to stay trendy in winter 2018.


Lizzy Mason

Junior Madison Ducharme wears her favorite winter outfit to keep warm and comfortable during the day.

Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter

While it’s typically on the hotter side in Florida, spurts of cold call for jackets, boots, sweaters, or anything warm.

Although staying warm is important, staying trendy can be a desire as well.

In Florida, on average the coldest days can get to be around 56 degrees in the winter. Whereas the average high can be about 79 degrees.

To keep warm while there are cold winds, comfy knit sweaters can be stylish and practical. When paired with jeans and a pair of boots, this outfit is great for the chillier days.

“I like wearing sweaters because they are cute and cozy,” Madison Ducharme (‘20) said.

Jeans are a staple for cold weather outfits. They can be worn with any sort of top and a variety of shoes.

“I like to wear jeans in the winter because you can dress them up or down and still not be cold,” Nevaeh Gasparovic (‘20) said.

To beat the cold, one can usually find girls wearing simple cardigans over a top, which is a popular trend that can be found around school.

However, nothing gets more simple than a favorite sweatshirt and leggings or pants. This is one of the most prominent trends on campus.

“Nothing beats a hoodie and leggings,” Ducharme said. “It’s my go to look because I can wear sneakers with it and it’s always comfy.”

Another trend that is quickly gaining popularity are combat boots. These boots can be worn most any season but they tend to be found commonly worn in the colder part of the year.

“I like to wear boots because they keep my toes warm. They also always bring my outfit together and they look nice,” Lindsay Pringle (‘20) said.

It’s time to keep covered and cozy and it’s time to do it in style.