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Stressed students prepare for midterm exams

How do different students prepare for midterms?

Caitlin Lucas, Staff Reporter

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As the Thanksgiving season comes to a close, the stress-inducing midterms week is approaching rapidly. Every student has a different method of studying for midterms; some use Quizlet flashcards to study vocabulary, some study using the textbooks provided by the school, and some students choose to not study at all.

“Usually I tell myself that I’m going to study every night for the month before exams, but then I do not. The day before each exam I read through my notes and do any sort of review that my teacher provides for me,” Sydney Goodfield (’21) said.

One of the ways to prepare for midterms is to write out a complete exam week schedule. For some this might be seeing what days exempted exams are on, and for others this might be seeing how to divide up studying throughout the week.

Exempting exams is when a student has a B or better in a class with an exempt-able exam.The student can opt out of taking the midterm that accounts for 30% of the semester grade. In order to exempt, students need less than five absences, no referrals, and grades B or better.

A week prior to the exam, the exemption forms are available during all lunches near the front entrance of the school. Usually how a student plans out exemptions, the student thinks about the difficulty of the midterm/final and decides which would be more helpful to exempt.

“I’d say that since you can only exempt three exams per semester, you should exempt the exams that you’re least confident in,” Ryan Cassese (’19) said.

Though AP classes’ midterms and finals can not be exempted, taking the final secures that students do not have to show up during the class exam period.

“I exempt the classes that you have the most material on,” Emma Perron (’21) I.B student said.

“As cliché as it sounds, getting a good night’s’ sleep the night before and having a nutritious breakfast keeps you from getting tired and always helps me during exams,” Cassese said.

The exam schedule this year goes as follow: Monday Dec. 17 is regular classes/ schedule (for university and medical students), Tuesday is periods 1+2 exams, Wednesday is periods 3&4 exams, Thursday is period 5&6 exams, and Friday is period 7 exam.

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Stressed students prepare for midterm exams