Preparation before getting a pet

Things to know before welcoming a pet into a home.

Emma Bianco, Staff Reporter

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A furry friend can cheer up a family. For many years people have brought pets into their homes.

Whether it’s a small animal in a cage, or a big dog, there are things necessary to purchase in order to prepare for getting a pet.

Whether the pet is from a local breeder or from a shelter, making sure the pet doesn’t have any diseases, or sicknesses is necessary to ensure the pet is healthy.

Also, pets need to get vaccinated, if they don’t already have their shots. Vaccinations are important for keeping the pet healthy and to keep away sicknesses.

Before or when purchasing or adopting a pet, the animal would need the correct supplies. Things such as food, toys, treats, a bed, and a cage are needed.

Finding a breed when getting a dog or a cat depends on what type of dog or cat is wanted. Looking at how much a breed sheds, if it’s friendly, or if it’s active, are things to look at when picking a breed.

Pets need exercise and lots of rest. Playing, running, and walking are all great ways for a cat or dog to get exercise.

Having a pet rest is a great way to keep them healthy. Giving the pet lots of love, is something great to do to bond with them.

When having a pet, tricks are something great to teach them. Giving them treats when teaching them tricks is a great way for pets to learn because they’ll be getting a reward.

Showing pets love and affection helps with their happiness, and will help with loving the owner.

When getting a pet, being prepared before  is very important, it’ll help relieve stress when taking care of a living thing.

It can be stressful at the beginning with a pet, but fun will be had with those furry friends in no time.

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