Teachers behind the scenes

Josselyn Cantellano and Elarya Tadres

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Usually students don’t think there is much to teachers besides going to school, grading papers and teaching. Teachers are not teachers outside of school, for example, Mrs. Demiana Youssef watches shows like most students at school, Mrs. Lori Bauck sings, Mr. Joseph Corr has traveled around the world, Mr. Nick Radner is very good at jeopardy, and Mr. Shaun Falcon is a first generation american. This shows that teachers have lives, and some try to make the best of it.

Mrs. Demiana Youssef (English 1 and reading teacher):
Knows four languages, speaks three language fluently. (Arabic, English, French)
Loves to watch the show Friends
Love shopping at Walmart
Loves Grain and Berry
Says if she wasn’t a teacher she would be a psychologist.
Inspiration Quotes:
“Life is too short, make memories.”
“Take pictures of everything.”
Mrs. Lori Bauck(Chemistry 1 Honors, AP Environmental Science)
Used to be a competitive ice skater, qualified for competitions “Only because I worked hard and I loved it.”
Loves to sing. “Singing makes me happy.”
Inspiration Quotes:
“When in doubt Bauck it out,” in other words, “you should try as hard as I do.”

Mr. Joseph Corr (French 1-4)
Was an English teacher for five years in Japan
Loves Hockey. “I play it, I study it, I watch it.”
Lived in Pau (Southern France) was a student there also.
Was a student for one month in Southern Germany.
Mr. Nick Radner (English and AP Capstone)
Very good at jeopardy
Has a photographic memory
Will fight anyone who makes fun of wrestling
Inspiration Quote:
“Don’t be upset with the results you got from the work you didn’t do.”

Mr. Shaun Falcon (World History, US History )
First generation american
First language was spanish
Likes his job
Inspiration Quote:
“You will regret the lack of effort more
than you regret the end results.”
“Enjoy life because it goes by fast.”

Ms. Alexa Mackenzie (english and reading teacher)
Enjoys hanging out with her cat Kylo.
Enjoys hanging out her her friends and boyfriend in st. Petersburg
Loves to read
Favorite show is the The chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Mrs. Amanda Mandurano (Geometry and Algebra 2 teacher)
Was married on pie day. (3/15/15)
Born and raised in upstate New York
Inspiration quote:
“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”

Mr. Kevin Schachter (digital information technology)
Before he was a teacher he spent 20 years in a hotel and a restaurant business.
Inspiration quote:
“Don’t be stupid.”

Mrs. Amy Titus
Loves to travel
Became inspired to go to a different continent every other year.
This summer she went to South America
Her husband is a 3D art teacher. (Mr.Titus)
Inspiration quote:
“There cannot be too much joy.”

Mr. Adam Deisley
Loves lacrosse
Has coached lacrosse for about 17 years
Loves Florida’s warm weather and beaches
Enjoys watching cooking shows
Recently became a vegan, because of the health benefits
Inspiration quote:
“Can’t die in the battle of try “

In conclusion, though students would think that there isn’t much to teachers, they also have stuff to do besides school work, they have things they like to do, shows they like to watch and places they like to go.

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