Welcome to the 80’s

What was popular in the 80’s is coming back as a new trend in 2019.


Allyson May

Sophia Belcher (’22) standing outside during lunch pulling off her mom jean shorts and scrunchies.

Allyson May, Staff Reporter

The neon colors of the 80’s haven’t made a come back, but the scrunchies and mom jeans have. The “new fit” for teenagers today, mom jeans, shoes, scrunchies, etc, have made a large appearance in people’s wardrobes. What now has become popular for clothing, was the big deal in the 80’s for clothing trends. But what’s the hype about the items?

“My opinion on the trend is that I really like it and how you can experiment with old looks,” Abby Littleton (‘22) said, “Some people can’t really pull it off, but when you can, it looks really cute.”

With the new trend making an outbreak with teenagers, it could possibly stay a thing for a while. Making a look all over Instagram and Snapchat, also makes its popularity rise.

“I like it and I think it is really cute especially with scrunchies and how they go with everything, but I also think that with every other trend: it will have its hype, then go away and make a return another time,” Madison Labrecque (‘22) said.

Like every other trend, they have their appearances and make a big statement for a while and then all of a sudden die down and usually do not come back for a while. However, because having this trend become so large, it has its chance of sticking for a bit.

“I think that the trend will last because I think scrunchies are easier and more useful and the mom jeans are something people usually have in their closet laying around, so it is a possibility it will be worn more,” Littleton said.

But on the other hand, other trends could be stealing its spotlight soon.

“I think it will only stay for a little bit because i feel like the new e-girl and e-boy trends are taking over now,” Sara Karpuzi (‘22) said.

But so far, the 80’s is making its big comeback and has become the new style with teenagers, causing it to become the new trend of 2019.