Technology and Emotions

Emotions are constantly running through a high schooler’s body But technology plays a key role in some of these emotions.

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Technology and Emotions

Sophia Sesi, Staff Reporter

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Emotions are a powerful thing, but why are some emotions triggered by things we see through social media and technology?

Technology and social media play a key role in the life of teenagers nowadays especially apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Students such as Sophie Raszka (‘21) believe Instagram is one of the most influential social media apps that affect teenagers and their emotions.

“I feel like Instagram affects us the most because there are so many people and such a wide variety of social media influencers, but also just looking at a post of your friends can affect your self confidence,” Raszka said.

It’s not just students who feel like social media affects them and their peers, but it’s teachers as well. Teachers like Coach Niki Rougier believe the effects of social media are only negative ones, especially with teenagers.

“I think most of the effects are negative, so many teens get caught up in being ‘famous’ and half the time they don’t even realize it. Comparing how many followers they have, or how many likes they can get. Comparison is the thief of joy, social media today has replaced real genuine human interactions with fake friendships and unrealistic ideas of what your life should be like,” Rougier said.

The effects of social media are different for each gender. Hudson Sanders (‘21) thinks the effects on girls and guys are pretty different.

“Girls let social media affect their emotions more. I feel like guys don’t really care what someone says unless they are talking bad about the other guy,” Sanders said.

Guys are affected by social media as well, Sanders believes it is just an excuse for people to be mean to each other and get away with it.

“People say a lot of stuff over social media that they would never say in person, you never really see bullying in person, but you see it all over social media since it’s much easier to get away with it,” Sanders said.

There are ways that people can lessen the emotions that they let social media affect. Raszka believes that they are pretty simple and anyone can start doing them.

“A way to lessen these emotions are to just cut back on how much social media you use. When you cut it out you don’t have to worry about being hurt when you see something you may not like. You can also focus on having real life interactions with people instead of the “friends” you have online,” Raszka said.

Technology will play a key role in emotions of not only teenagers, but everyone else as well, as long as it keeps expanding to accommodate our needs.