Summer sun has just begun

Students go out for the summer with their plans but also wish for more to do.


One popular place to visit during summer can be the Dunedin Causeway to view the sunsets.

Allyson May, Staff Reporter

With less than two weeks of school left, hearts are eagerly racing to get out for the summer. Staying home or going out for summer can still be more fun than being at school and stressing out about tests.

“During summer I am going to be hanging out with my friends and family a lot and I am not going to be stressing out over school anymore,” Megan Vata (‘20) said. “I also might be going to Europe for a week or two with my family.”

While going out of the country and experiencing new things can be the most fun part of summer, there are also fun activities to do in the states.

“I’m going on a lot of trips like Georgia to go rafting, and I’m also going to concerts, and I have to work too,” Sophie Raszka (‘21) said, “but if I could go anywhere I wanted to for this summer, I would like to go to Europe or somewhere, but I might be doing that next summer!”

If students are not going out of the country or state, there are many options to go to in Florida that make summer just as fun.

“I am going to go to the Dunedin Causeway a lot and Clearwater Beach to just hangout with my friends,” Madison Labrecque (‘22) said. “I do wish I could have gone to California, a cruise, or even out of the country like New Zealand to have more fun.”

If there is no plan to do anything this summer, many options are out there that do not require pay or effort to go to. Simply hanging out with friends, going to Clearwater Beach, Dunedin Causeway, Downtown Saint Pete, or Tampa are fun activities to do.

But as time flies, the new school year will return once again.