Was the moon landing faked?


Neil Armstrong setting up the American flag on the moon.

Delfina Caceres, Staff Reporter

“You know how global warming was invented by the Chinese to halt the production of American manufacturing? Well, the moon landing was made up by Russia because Khrushchev created a hologram to project the moon into the sky to sell more vodka.”

“No, no, no, the moon landing was faked by the U.S because when we got to the moon, scientists realized that the Earth is flat, so the government had to fake the recording to avoid more distrust in science.”

“I disagree. The moon has a white, milky color that makes Russians want to drink some vodka so it seems pretty clear to me what really happened.”

“Pffft… You guys believe in the moon?”

 Massive government run hoax? Cunning scheme to sell more vodka? A man actually landing on the moon? What really happened during the moon landing remains to be one of the most controversial conspiracies in American history.

It seems that everyone has some opinion on the moon landing, whether or not they know what they’re talking about. Outlandish theories aside, there is actual evidence conspiracy theorists have found that seems to support a fake moon landing.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were tasked with planting the American flag on the moon. Fortunately, the whole thing was recorded and made available for conspiracy theorists to dissect.

The video shows Armstrong and Aldrin struggling to set up the flag, which appears to be waving. Most conspiracy theorists note that the flag should not be waving, as there is no air on the moon that would cause it to wave. They accused NASA of faking the recording of the moon landing and filming it on a movie set.

NASA responded to the accusation by claiming that the flag looks like it’s waving due to a wire that was bent while the astronauts were struggling to set it up.

Another point of contention are the shadows in photos of the landing. The shadows from certain objects are non-parallel, which would not be possible if the sun was the only light shining on the objects. NASA claims that the moon’s bumpy surface caused the shadows to seem non-parallel.

Theorists also allege that a rock appearing in photos from the moon is labeled “C”, similarly to how props are labeled on film sets. The “C” does not appear on original photographs of the rock and is said to be due to a copying error where a small piece of hair was stuck in the machine and copied over the photo.

The technology needed to fake the moon landing was supposedly not available in the 1960s, making it easier to actually put a man on the moon than to fake it. Since both conspiracy theorists and actual scientists have made valid points, it seems the world will never know whether or not the moon landing happened.