What’s trending in 2019

There are countless trends floating around campus this school year.


Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter

All black or an oversized t-shirt? Girly and colorful or neon and chains? Vintage or modern? When walking around campus, multiple clothing trends can be spotted. 

Sometimes, it seems as if we have leapt back in time when a trend first comes up. These days, dressing vintage has been super popular. Boys can be seen in baggy jeans or colorful button ups that were key back in the day. Girls now wear mom jeans with barrettes in their hair which was quite common in the 90’s.

Not everyone is dressing vintage, though; the modern looks are quite different than how they have looked in past years.

“I like the vintage trends, but I prefer to keep it simple at school,” Lindsay Prindle (‘20) said.

The vintage trend seems to be looked at more than actually worn.

“I definitely like the vintage style because it’s edgy and not a lot of people dress like that,” Anna Koutsombaris (‘20) said. 

One look that has been adopted by most freshmen and sophomore girls consists of an over-sized shirt, shorts, and sneakers. This look is not complete without the accompanying friendship bracelets and cowrie shell necklaces. 

“I usually try to dress cute and comfortable at school, so I’ll wear a cute shirt with leggings and sandals,” Koutsombaris said.

Another common outfit that is worn lately is seen among boys and girls of all ages. This an ‘e’ look (as in e-boy or e-girl) and these outfits vary depending on personalization. However, key elements include, black and neon colors, chains, fishnets, colorful hair, and colorful makeup. 

“I feel like most big trends like the E boy/girls stay on the internet,” Prindle said.

Trends are not always confined to clothing or makeup though. It seems boys have brought back the old 90s hairstyles (think 1990’s Leonardo DiCaprio), and the girls have been experimenting with colors more than before. Quite a few females have been seen with the front pieces of their hair bleached and dyed bright colors.

Every year the styles change and new outfit ideas emerge, but so far in 2019, these are the most prevalent looks around not just around campus, but around the country.