These natural medications can keep you happy and healthy

CBD and other natural resources are just other ways to heal your body with natural substances.


Jacyn McCrudden

Simple medications at CVS that will get you back on track to better health.

Jacyn McCrudden, Staff Reporter/Photographer

Cannabis, commonly referred to as CBD, can help with medical problems such as anxiety and joint pain and can also calm the nerves of animals. Although it can’t get people high, it is gathered from the stem of the marijuana plant. 

The reason this drug works so well is that it changes the way people feel by activating serotonin receptors in the brain, which makes negative symptoms go away, according to Healthline. Symptoms ranging from anxiety to back pain can be reduced with the use of CBD oil.

“I used CBD for joint pain when it came to playing soccer and it actually brought out the best in my playing skills on the field,” Blake Boswell, Tarpon Springs High School graduate (‘18), said.

Another way to treat joint pain is to use a hot and cold remedy which helps muscles to contract and relax, while calming the joints. Another option is to get a massage to have pressure put on the spot where the joint hurts, as reported by Pet WebMD.

When getting a massage, it relaxes my muscles and my mind. My joints and ligaments are loosened and I feel a sense of euphoria,” Emma Lockheart (‘21) said.

It is proven that CBD oil works on animals too. This is because CBD oil has no life threatening side effects if given the proper amount, according to PetMed. It is highly recommended to speak to a veterinarian that can provide information on dosages before giving a pet CBD.

“My rescue hound dog is scared of rain and thunder and we give it to her to calm her down. It would also help her with her joint pain, which had to do with inflammation and other muscle and skeletal aches,” Derek Gray, Dunedin High School graduate (‘18), said.

A way to keep a pets healthy is to make sure pets go through lab tests when they are not feeling well and put them on prescription drugs if needed. Other options are to take them to get an acupuncture or massage, according to Pet WebMD.

As stated by Mayo Clinic, there are many ways that CBD can help, but there also are side effects such as dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness, and fatigue. People must be 18 years old in order to buy the product.