Just another teen craze

The ultimate guide to being a VSCO girl.



The trendy items needed to become a VSCO girl.

Marla Mitchell, Staff Reporter

VSCO (pronounced “visco”) is a popular photo-editing app that many teens use. The VSCO girl aesthetic is derived from the app because the photos uploaded on the app, mostly by teenage girls, have common characteristics.

The signature VSCO girl usually has a specific style. Some popular brands often worn by VSCO girls are Birkenstock, Pura Vida, Kanken Fjallraven, Hydro Flask, Crocs, Glossier, and Vans. They also wear items like shell necklaces, over-sized t-shirts, scrunchies, and mom jeans.

In the eyes of a VSCO girl, plastic straws are banned. Instead, they are using reusable metal straws to protect sea life.

Polaroid cameras have been an investment for VSCO girls. In fact, many VSCO girls see Polaroid cameras are more effective because of the instant film.

Many teenagers are turning to VSCO because it’s a way for them to express themselves and be creative. The concept of a VSCO girl goes beyond the app and the trend has spread to TikTok, Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Most of the videos on YouTube are about how to be a VSCO girl.

The pictures VSCO girls usually post are taken in nature to match their aesthetic. A common time of the day to take pictures is during golden hour, which is around 6-7 p.m.

There are also phrases that identify girls as a VSCO girl, such as “Sksksksk” and “And I oop.” These phrases are commonly used by teens.

When it comes to being a VSCO girl there is little diversity. The style is very basic, which is why many teenage girls are becoming VSCO girls.