Headlines out of this world, except for Florida

These are some crazy “Florida Man” headlines that the state is infamous for.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

Florida man bites off neighbor’s Ear because he wouldn’t give him a cigarette.
Only in Florida would a man go up to his neighbor, give him a bear hug and take a taste of his ear. This happened all over not being given a cigarette, but biting ears is not the only thing this neighbor does. He yells threats around the neighborhood about doing harm nearly everyday. This Florida man has many restraining orders from a people in the neighborhood. However, his neighbor that got bit never had any issues until the incident.
Florida Man pokes girlfriend in the eye after she served him waffles instead of pancakes.
There are a lot of crazy arguments in relationships, but poking a girlfriend in the eye because of waffles is a new one. James E. Irving Jr. would have preferred to be given pancakes, but was arrested because he assaulted his girlfriend. Imagine being poked in the eye all over the controversy of waffles vs. pancakes. This girlfriend reported her boyfriend because he caused harm.
Florida man rescued from vending machines.
Although there wasn’t much information provided, the title says it all. A man in Florida got stuck in a vending machine, doing who knows what, and was stuck for a couple of hours. The fire rescue had to  get him out. This occurred in Jacksonville, Florida at a packaging company in their work vending machine. No other details were released, but only a Florida man would get stuck in a vending machine.
Florida man proposes to girlfriend, ties ring to alligator.
This Florida man’s girlfriend has always wanted to be an alligator wrestler, so she didn’t mind the proposal at all. She loved the proposal and said yes while holding the baby alligator. This isn’t a normal engagement at all, but at least he knew her interests and made her dreams come true for the proposal. He didn’t have the ring box when he got down on one knee, but the alligator walked out with it, and it was all the girl ever wanted.
Florida man attacks nephew over under-cooked noodles.
Newton, the uncle, was eating noodles his nephew made, and they weren’t fully cooked. Due to the noodles being under-cooked, the uncle decided to shove them in his nephew’s face and chase after him. The nephew ran into another apartment complex where Newton charged towards him with a knife. Luckily, the uncle wasn’t able to hurt the nephew and told the police he didn’t have a knife. These lies were exposed by witnesses and cameras, leading to his arrest.