‘Tis the season for Christmas trees

A traditional Christmas begins with a real tree.


The variety of Christmas trees at Ergle Christmas Tree Farm.

Marla Mitchell, Staff Reporter

As Christmas comes rolling in, so the traditions that come with it. For over 30 years, taking a trip to Ergle Christmas Tree Farm has been a holiday tradition for many families in Central Florida.

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of tradition for many, when it pertains to the holidays. This time of year is when people go out looking through a selection of Christmas trees to find the one that is most suitable. Ergle’s Christmas Tree Farm offers a variety of Christmas trees to choose from.

“Christmas is all about creating new traditions,” Emily Roy (’20) said.

All year long, the staff at Erge Christmas Tree Farm works to provide the community with fresh Christmas trees at a reasonable price. They have the largest selection in Central Florida and the Tampa Bay Area.

Some trees are brought in from Michigan and North Carolina. What makes it even more special, is being able to choose the Christmas tree and cutting it down yourself. Their “choose and cut” trees include Cedar, Sand Pine, and Carolina Sapphire trees. The trees range in height from 5 to 10 feet.

“My favorite thing to do during Christmas is selecting the best looking Christmas tree with my mom and decorating it,” Brooke Ferguson (’20) said.

There is more to do than to just select a Christmas tree. Visitors can also take train rides, see farm animals, and more. Ergle Christmas Tree Farm also has a selection of ornaments to choose from to go on the trees.

To add more Christmas decor to the house, they make handmade wreaths which can go many places such as on the door or above the fireplace.

Create new traditions and memories with family by going out to Ergle Christmas Tree Farm and embrace the Christmas spirit. Nothing brings the holidays home like the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree in the living room or den.