Ten of the oddest holiday gift ideas

Here are 10 gift ideas you’ve probably never thought of.

Microwavable slippers

These slippers called Warmies are available on Amazon for $25.49, and featured in Orpah’s favorite things of 2019, make for the perfect holiday gift, especially in the winter season. These slippers are filled with millet grains and lavender flower. They are not only used to warm your feet in the winter but can also be put in the freezer to be used as a cold pack.  

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William Shakespeare tissue box 

This William Shakespeare novelty tissue box has tissues coming out of Shakespeare’s nose. The tissue box is $45.56 on Apollo, and if you don’t like Shakespeare there are boxes available in the shape of a skull and a moai, seen on Easter Island in Polynesia. 

Photo courtesy of theapollobox.com



LED toilet light

Have you ever experienced the struggle of having to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and not being able to see? This problem can be solved with this odd yet popular LED toilet light. Available for $5.55 at Five Below and $11.98 at Target you can buy this water resistant, color changing light you can stick in your toilet.  

Photo courtesy of Five Below



Thanos cookie jar 

This cookie jar is modeled after the coveted Infinity Gauntlet as seen in the movie Avengers: Infinity War. The jar has a shiny gold exterior and for just $31.99 it is the perfect gift for a Marvel fan.  

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Burrito blanket 

Forget the basic fuzzy blanket holiday gift, step out of the ordinary and get your friends or family this oddly realistic burrito blanket. The blanket comes in many different shades along with a pizza and a waffle design. Available on Amazon for $39.99 you can transform into a human burrito.  

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Dinosaur taco holder

Contrary to popular belief, dinosaur taco holders are easily accessible. Available at Kohls, Amazon, Ace Hardware, Zulily and more. From $7.73 all the way to $29.99, you can get a hard-shell taco holder in the shape of a dinosaur. The holders come in many different dinosaurs including triceratops and T-rex.  

Photo courtesy of uncommongoods.com



Maple Syrup flavored jelly beans 

If you know someone who loves weird food combinations these jellybeans are perfect. Available on the Jelly Belly website for $9.99 a bag you can get flavors such as Tabasco, pancakes and maple syrup, and Krispy Kreme flavored jelly beans.  

Photo courtesy of jellybelly.com



Personalized face lollipop 

Did you know that you can get your face printed on almost anything, from pillows to socks to lollipops? The online website Prezzy Box has a variety of customizable items that you can put your family members, friends or even your face on. You can even put your dog or cats face on these items. 

Photo courtesy of prezzybox.com


Chicken purse 

Most regular purses come in colors like gray, black, or maybe purple, but have you ever seen a chicken purse? This purse available on Amazon for $29.95 is in the shape of a chicken. This is the perfect holiday gift for all the farmers who love to shop.  

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Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling pickle This yodeling pickle is one of the most unnecessary gift ideas ever. It is a toy pickle with a speaker, and when you press a button the sound of yodeling comes out of the speaker. It is described as a “great gift for the person who has everything except a yodeling pickle”. If you’re looking for something to waste your money on this holiday season for just $14.99 on Amazon, you can buy a yodeling pickle.  

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