New Year, New Resolutions

New resolutions are being made for the year that will not be given up on.


Allyson May, Staff Reporter

“New Year, New Me” is a typical sentence to hear at the start of each year. Resolutions are being made for new diets, more savings, or being more focused. Will the resolutions stick for the whole year, or just fade away as time goes?

Many people decide on resolutions based on what they want to fix for the new year. They can include personal care for their well being, dealing with money better, or focusing more with organization. As these resolutions are possible, many decide to give up or forget about them. 

“This New Year I want to make sure to spend time with friends and take breaks when I need to,” Maria Disilvestro (‘22) said. “Mental health is just as important as physical health.” 

When spending more time on friends has become a key resolution, others try to focus more academically with developments and sports.

“This year, I really plan on getting better at lacrosse because I would really like to make the high school team,” Kylie Lenard (‘23) said. “I am going to stick with this resolution too because since I am in high school now, sports are more serious and I’m determined to do my best.” 

There are many options for a New Year’s resolution, and it is not too late to make one now. Resolutions make others feel good about themselves and what can be accomplished within a year. Changing resolutions can occur when the idea does not sound right.

“My resolution was originally to be healthy but I changed it to becoming more motivated. I give up very easily so having more motivation would help me with so many things,” Skylar Yam (‘22) said. “I really plan on sticking with it because it is a larger picture to work with and easier to maintain rather than a specific resolution.”

As the year goes on, taking action in resolutions can be a big change for the better. It promotes the good feeling of accomplishment and doing well. Each day is a new one full of new opportunities and outcomes.