Nostradamus’ bizzare predictions came true

‘The Simpsons’ are known for their predictions that came true and another man is known for the same reason.



Nostradamus' prophesies on the end of the world

Grace Mercer, Staff Reporter

Nostradamus published a book in 1555 containing 942 quatrains that allegedly predict famous future events. In reality, most of Nostradamus’ prophecies are poorly translated and vaguely worded enough to encourage tons of speculation.

Nostradamus was not just a tarot card reader or some astrologer who might predict right or wrong. He was one of the greatest French alchemists and also a reputed seer, who, hundreds of years ago, made predictions of what will happen in the 20th century, 21st century, and after. His works have continued to attract adherents, persons who supports a certain party, and persons who have connected his writings to earth-shattering events.

One of Nostradamus’ most famous predictions was the 9/11 attack in 2001. In this prediction, the ‘Two Great Rocks’ refer to the United States and their fight against terrorism. The ‘New City’ is a reference to New York, while ‘Volcanic fire from the center of the earth’ is the Twin Towers burning and falling to the ground. Also, it is widely believed that ‘Arethusa’ is an anagram that is used to refer to Bin Laden.

“Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers: The greater one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage, when the Germany child will observe nothing,” said the book, The Rise and Fall of Hitler as Foreseen by Nostradamus.

The ‘beast’ is interpreted as Adolf Hitler and the German army, crossing over to capture France. The ‘iron cage’ is said to refer to Hitler’s tanks, which the great seer did not know the name of hundreds of years back. Nostradamus misspelled Hitler’s name by one letter. This is one of his remarkable name choices which most people agree is far beyond just coincidence.

“I feel that it’s amazing. It’s been done before and if it continues happening then at that point it’s not really coincidental anymore,” said Hannah O’Toole (‘22).

Thus, there are a variety of his predictions that came true and Nostradamus has made more predictions than just the ones that have been listed. Well over 15 of Nostradamus’s forecasts have come true; Louis Pasteur for pasteurization and the discovery of microscopic germs, Hurricane Katrina, Barack Obama as the President of the United States, and many more.