The Choice is Yours

Students opinion on attending school or learning online.


Brielle Link and Kayla Ashely, Staff Reporters

When choosing to attend school or stay at home to learn, it is all up to you. Having a medical issue around or a learning disability, could have big impact on your final choice as well.

Being face to face has advantages. Which includes activities to help remember a topic or an extra explanation for help.

“Face to face is better because I have motivation to do work and the teacher is with me if I need help,” said Maddie Huddleston (‘22) said.

Some students, such as kinesthetic learners, need to be in person in order to do their best in school.

Distractions are a difficult part of learning. Little things, like sounds, can really interrupt learning. You can imagine fabric on your face would be irritating or walking around school with a mask on your face and having to stay six feet apart from your fellow classmates is odd to think about.

“There is less distractions at home because I can shut my door and focus at my desk alone,” Online student Cailyn Henson (’22) said.

Without the need of social distancing or taking precautions, an online student would have more time to focus on school and get a better understanding. Although the activities provided in class can help clear confusion, the overall amount of distractions are smaller and have a long-term effect.