Hurricane Season is Upon Us

Should students prepare for another school closure due to these storms?


The Gulf of Mexico viewed from the Dunedin Causeway on September 17, 2020.

Abigail Houston, Staff Reporter

Besides our school mascot, hurricanes are quite a concern. Many tropical storms are forming all around Florida sending many rainstorms our way. Should we be worried about these catastrophic storms? 

Hurricane season starts at the beginning of June and ends in November. Within those months, Mother Nature can turn on us at any day bringing heavy rains, howling winds, or even storm surges. 

In the past, schools have had to temporarily closed due to these hurricanes. After finally reopening school due to coronavirus, it would be a shame tclose back down so soon. However, since the recent appearance of COVID-19, students have adapted to working online.  

“I’d be fine with it since we’ve been getting used to being sent home since coronavirus happened,” sophomore Makenzie Connolly said. 

If school would have to close due to these storms, we may be fortunate to continue school onlinesafely in the comfort of our own home. That is, if we still have power.  

With coronavirus still being a huge health concern for everyone, a hurricane may not be the best news. If there were to be a storm, COVID-19 may affect how people handle hurricane shelters.  

Hurricane shelters are buildings that allow people to come stay while the destructive storms pass. With everyone crammed into a building together, coronavirus may not keep you safe indoors either. 

On the bright side, these issues may not have to be faced. There is no way to fully predict the paths of these storms, most of them spinning away from Florida. Although hurricanes should be a concern for everyone, there is no need to panic over storms that may not come. It is just better to be prepared.