Downfalls of Wearing a Mask

The everyday struggles of wearing a mask at school.


Students in Mr. Adkins’ history classroom during fourth period.

Lexis Barnes, Staff Reporter

Although wearing masks at school keeps you and the people around you safe, it also makes everyday life difficult. Wearing a mask can make it hard to recognize students and staff, to understand someone’s humor, or to talk without having to catch your breath. 

In response to a joke, people have likely experienced silence recently. It is hard to tell if someone is being rude or making a joke when you cannot see the expression on their face. Arguments could arouse due to the mere fact of not being able to see someone’s face. Facial expressions are often a vital part of a good joke. 

It can also be hard to learn who new people are. Teachers must learn who their students are, so they can help them along the way this year.  

 “Usually I learn everyone’s name by the first week,” Susan Oliver said, this year, it took longer. I can tell everyone apart easily, so I think that it was more difficult to learn student names because of social distancing and all of the technical extras I have to do. We can’t get close to students or spend time welcoming them at the door because we have to be setting up our virtual classroom and supervising students in the room.” 

 Teachers have not had it easy this year. The students are apparently, “much quieter with masks,” Mrs. Oliver said. So, maybe masks aren’t all bad in the classroom.  

Wearing a mask throughout the whole day can make it harder to breathe. Although it helps protect against the virus, talking to someone will make you have to catch your breathe.

“It is difficult to talk for longer periods of time without feeling like I just walked up several flights of stairs,” Mrs. Oliver said. Masks can make everyday tasks for teachers difficult. 

Things will go back to normal eventually and these struggles will hopefully be over. In the meantime, do your part to prevent another outbreak. Doing your part can get us back to normal quicker.