Here comes Santa Claus

Students are asked if it is too early to start with Christmas activities.


Around November 8th, Disney Springs will have their special Christmas trees up for displace that related to movies.

Erin Behrmann, Editor in Chief

As Halloween passes by, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. But is it too early to start Christmas activities? Such as decorating, baking, listening to Christmas music, etc.

While some may think that others skip the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving, and go straight to Christmas, it’s just a way for students to express how excited they are for the feeling of winter. However, in Florida we don’t have a winter, so we pretend we do and replace it with Christmassy activities. But is that an excuse to start winter fests?

Although this topic is unanswered and everyone does what feels right, most are looking forward to these events for their own reasons. But, during this time of year there is nothing better than looking forward to breaks, and everyone is currently excited for Thanksgiving break to get out of school for a little; but the most exciting break is winter break. It allows students to get out and have fun doing Christmas things. Even though most people celebrate Thanksgiving and have their own fests to do, many people think that there is more to do in the winter.

“Personally I think November 1st is the perfect time to start celebrating Christmas. Any time before that is still spooky season,” Carly Thiess (’22) said. “I am excited most for cold weather and baking cookies, and I am going to see snow for the first-time during winter break.”

Also towards Christmas time there are more movies to watch, more comfy clothes to chill in, new treats to try and even nice weather. Ever bake during this time of year? There are just so many different foods someone could make, and experiment with for fun with either friends or family. Although, Thanksgiving you can do the same, it is just different than in the wintertime.

“I honestly feel like it is never too early for Christmas activities. Have you ever heard of Christmas in July? That is the dream,” Kylie Cimillo (’22) said. “I always get so excited to dress up in cute Christmas pants and have fluffy blankets with hot cocoa, it is a good time to spend with family.”

The best part of this time is being able to listen to so many different songs from different artists, that are based around this time of year. It allows us to start the celebration with music and have fun with it. It gets us excited and pumped for whatever celebration people are deciding to do.

“I already started listening to Christmas music, I absolutely love Christmas,” Hayleigh Pippin (’22) said.

There isn’t a right or wrong to this question “Is it too early to start Christmas”. There are even other events such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and any other celebrations people celebrate, and may start early as well. During this time there is so much to celebrate and allows everyone to get together and do activities that we aren’t usually able to do in Florida. Start these celebrations when you want and don’t let anyone hold you back!