From A Pumpkin to A Jack-O-Lantern

The benefits of pumpkins during the holidays.

Abigail Houston, Staff Reporter

Pumpkins, the gross activity of scooping out slimy pumpkin guts and carving a face into to it for a decoration by your doorstep. But pumpkins have a much deeper meaning than that.  

Halloween is viewed differently by many; Halloween is often looked at as the one night you can dress in costume and trickortreat. However, some see Halloween as the one-night spirits can be present. While most of us carve pumpkins to use as cute decorations, others carve scary faces into pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns. The goal of these frightening faces is to scare away evil spirits 

But pumpkins aren’t the only thing you can carve, many people carve turnips or even squash! After scraping your pumpkin free of seeds, you may begin carving your design. Your pumpkin isn’t complete until you add a candle to illuminate your frightening face into the darkness.  

A much cleaner and safer alternative to carving a pumpkin is simply painting them. All you must do is clean off your pumpkins surface and let your paint brush take it from there. This allows you to paint any design you can think of. 

As if this activity isn’t great enough, you can also use the seeds inside the pumpkin to create a delicious Halloween snackAfter you remove and rinse your seeds, spread them across an oiled pan and bake till toasted and crunchy. This delicious yet simple snack is filled with many sources of nutrients. 

These orange melons don’t have to be used for just Halloween; pumpkins are a symbol of fall. You will see pumpkins through November during thanksgiving. In fact, pumpkin pie is the most common desert served after Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? Another alternative is delicious pumpkin bread!  

Many people decorate their homes with pumpkins either with a spooky face or just for a fall decoration. Pumpkins have a variety of uses, you should value them and see what fun activities you can do with your pumpkins from making fall treats to creating fun decorations.