Why shop small?

The benefits to buying your holiday gifts from small businesses.


Catalina Velasco showing off her earring she got from shopsolani.com

Cassie Santella, Staff Reporter

The holiday season makes up for lots of gift getting and giving. Major retailers and stores benefit greatly from this season. Maybe you get most of your gifts from Target or Amazon due to accessibility. However, there may be some important factors of switching up your holiday shopping you haven’t considered. Shopping small has so many benefits that most people look past or don’t even realize.  

Buying from small businesses not only during the holidays but year round fosters a more stable economy. Small businesses accounted for over 65% of new net jobs as of October 2020 and create around 1.5 million jobs annually. Overall, small businesses contribute significantly to global economic growth by providing employment, promoting sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation. Regardless of what shops or items you purchase from, by supporting smaller sellers the economy will thank you.  

“Why buy a product from a mass producer who cares more about profit than people when your purchase can pay towards someone’s college tuition or can inspire them to keep doing what they love. Your purchase might not affect a chain company, but you have no idea what a single order could do for small business owners. While ordering from a small business online is often like ordering from a large company’s website, you know that your purchase is supporting someone’s dream,” said Catalina Velasco (‘23) 

Not only will the economy thank you, but the sellers will too! Overall customers receive better customer service and better quality items from small businesses. There are tons of companies with only one or very few employees, that means they do the marketing, packaging, producing, and everything else that may go into making their product. If you have ever bought something off of Etsy or a small business website, it probably came with a thank you card, nice packaging, or maybe a little extra gift. These interactions are more personal and handcrafted and overall leave the customer happy.  

“With small businesses you know that you’re going to get great customer service, as the company is run by passionate people who want to see people like their products,” said Velasco. 

Shopping for this holiday season is a little different this year because of COVID-19. That may mean less shopping in stores and more shopping online for some people. While shopping locally has its benefits there are so many options for shopping small online. There are websites like Etsy and Redbubble, or apps like Depop and Poshmark that allow shopping small online to be easier. There are also my personal favorite method of finding small business, social media! 

“I bought gold leaf shaped earrings from a small business called Solani. When I saw some of their earrings featured in an Instagram post, I knew I had to check out the rest of their products. The earrings are very well made, unlike my other pairs from big businesses. They have yet to rust or look scratched, which can’t be said for some of my large company jewelry purchases,” said Velasco.  

Next time you’re picking up a gift for someone or considering what to put on your Christmas lost consider small business!