“New Year, New Me”

The New Year has many opportunities for goals and achievements.

Allyson May, Editor in Chief

Although the New Year has been different than others with COVID, there is still enough room to create some new goals for this year.  

Most people like to create a resolution to keep track of their goals and accomplish them throughout the year. But, others may seem like it is a waste of time and they will end up failing.  

The stereotypical goals are to work out more, eat healthier, get good grades, or try something new. But do people actually stick with them?  

As a personal goal for myself, I did follow the stereotypical goals, but added some other things to my list. Working out and eating healthy are my top priorities, but starting to cook and saving my own money is right below it.  

Goal making is not tough to do. Think of something that will be affected in the future and make your goals based off of that. For example: saving money for college or a car, studying each day for those SAT and ACT tests, or even focusing on yourself to better the future.  

Sticking with the new resolutions is can be tricky to accomplish. But to make it go for the long run, doing something each day that works you towards that big goal will make you not forget about it and teach you how to stick with different things. 

Although this year might be different and more difficult than others, there’s no excuse not to create goals. It may be hard to start, but we are only in the beginning of the year; there’s much more to come.