Sculpture of 2020

An Ohmage to Our Least Favorite Year.


Mr. Titus’ sculpture that was set outside of the courtyard.

When choosing a career, you want to make sure you are passionate and dedicated. 3-D Art teacher, Mr. Jay Titus shows a true representation of being passionate for your work. With already having the love of being an artist, becoming an art teacher just makes sense. He has worked on many different pieces of art with different styles. A more recent art piece he has done is a large sculpture in the courtyard apart of his classroom. 

 In the art world, artists could take inspiration from other artists and make it their own. The inspiration Mr. Titus took was from American sculptor, Dale Chihuly. Dale Chihuly is known for his sculptures that involve many different parts. With the help of other people many, glass blown pieces are created, then put together on an armature into a large colorful chandelier.  

“Chihuly’s artwork is based on not just his work, but a lot of peoples work. Everybody contributed to it,” Mr. Titus said. In the sculpture, Mr. Titus and other students created many pinch pots to put them on an armature.  

When the pinch pots were made, students then took a stick end of any object and poked two holein the bottom of the pots. “Pinch pots, these are things that you guys made in elementary school, so with that in mind I knew for sure you guys could handle that,” Mr. Titus said. 

 Then, all pinch pots that was made were put into the kiln to fire and become ceramic. The pinch pots were then taken outside and slashed with black paint and tied on with wire to a bamboo and 2×4 wood stick. The stick is cemented into a large concrete pot placed outside in the courtyard along with all the other are pieces. 

 The sculpture has no official title and meaning, but the form of the sculpture (from interpretation) is an ohmage to 2020 and how bad of a year it was.  

“It’s really more about its composition and its relationship to the artist Chihuly. I will say this, though, that there was some sort of a background on this based on the idea that this was a sort of nod to 2020,” Mr. Titus said Every person in our world had to deal with the hardships and overall depressing year, so creating something good and visually grasping from a bad year creates a sense of closure from the year and a mark to move on.