New Year, New Me

Students share their new year’s resolutions.


Skylar Yam (’22), Micah Yam (’22), Lee Gallivan (’22), Emma Jankowska (’22), and Leila Phillips (’22) spending their New Year’s Eve all together.

Working out, eating healthier, and making good grades are one of the many new year’s resolutions students decide to make every year.

A new year’s resolution is usually a goal people create to better themselves throughout the year. They can either be super simple, like staying organized, or they can be difficult, like obtaining straight A’s.

Normally, when people make new year’s resolutions, they either stick to them or let them completely fall down the drain. As resolutions can be hard to stick with, it does take dedication to complete.

“For my new year’s resolution I decided to have an overall healthier lifestyle than the year,” Skylar Yam (‘22) said, “I decided this because most resolutions are a goal we will never actually make ourselves achieve, but this goal can be achieved in many ways and are all beneficial.” 

On the other hand, Kylie Cimilo (‘22) and Kendall Hyatt (‘24) have decided to make their new year’s resolution focus on their mental health.

“I want to be more aware and take care of my mental health. The pandemic has caused a shift in everyone’s life as well as their mental health. After being stuck inside for a while my social battery runs out very quickly; so as I am about to go to college I want to be able to go out and have fun without wanting to leave the second I arrive,” Cimilo said. 

But as students make these resolutions, are they able to stick with it?

“I think I will be able to stick with my resolution as it is quite important to me,” Hyatt said. 

When sticking to a healthy lifestyle, “I know I’ll stick with it because I chose to do this and act as if I already want a healthy lifestyle, opposed to ‘wanting to become’ a person with a healthier lifestyle. I don’t force myself to go to the gym, but I do what an overall healthy person would do and choose to go to the gym,” Yam said. 

As students decide to make more new year’s resolutions, there are many ways to stick with them. Keeping yourself motivated and creating a goal that is fun for you can help the resolution continue all year round.