A Clean Environment at PHU

Such a beautiful campus deserves to be respected and kept safe and clean


Asia Malone

 Such a beautiful campus deserves to be respected and kept safe and clean.  


Our students here at PHU are the reason why we strive so high for perfection. Hearing from these students’ and faculty member’s points of view, we will receive true opinions on how they feel about the cleanliness of our campus.

Alexia Panagos is a Junior here at PHU, and always has a bright attitude. When interviewing Panagos, she gave great intel when asked questions about the environment at Palm Harbor. “I feel sad that there’s people that would want to trash the environment, leaving our campus unsanitary,” Panagos said. Panagos then followed up with that statement by saying, “I always make sure that all of my trash is in the trash can and I am willing to clean up after myself and others, so we have a clean environment.”

Paola Prada is a Junior here at PHU. When asking Paola Prada if she had any advice on how our school could participate in cleaning up our environment, Prada replied, “we could recognize good behavior, like giving out storm chasers to students who clean up after themselves and others.”

Last but certainly not least we have the amazing, Mrs. Lori Bauck. Mrs. Bauck is a science teacher here at PHU and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the environment. “I feel sad when students leave trash around campus because there are plenty of trash cans and recyclables,” Bauck said, “students should model proper behavior when cleaning up the environment. When they see a friend dropping trash, they should try to encourage them to pick it up. Helping by leading by example.”

When keeping a campus clean it takes not one, not two, but all of us to work together. If everyone pitched in to help clean up around campus, it would not only benefit staff but our environment as a whole. So, students of PHU, let’s push one another to treat this campus the way it should be treated. Let’s live up to the amazing standards we’ve set for ourselves at this school and make this campus beautiful.