Tickets on sale for TEDx Youth

PHUHS holds TEDx Youth event Friday March 3rd

Tickets on sale for TEDx Youth

Cassie Santella, Editor in Chief

TEDx Youth PHUHS is a student-run annual event held in the PHUHS auditorium where multiple speakers throughout our community share impactful presentations. These talks create meaningful conversations and have the ability to open our minds to new ideas and information. 


This year the theme is ‘Transformed’. This theme helps bring all of the speakers’ talks, although all different from each other, together to form a broad inclusive message. To go along with ‘Transformed’, the logo is a butterfly representing the metamorphosis and transformation they go through. 


“We transform in our lives everyday and we can transform other people’s lives,” Catalina Velasco (‘23) said.


The event is run in three parts, act I, intermission, and act II. There is food provided and live instrumental music during intermission. There will be a presentation of two talks from other TEDx Youth events around the nation, one will be shown in act I and the other in act II. 


The speakers who are chosen are prominent figures in the community who are able to share their stories in an effective way. There is always at least one student speaker and this year that is Lucas Fonseca, an IB junior.


Here is the list of this years speakers line up:

Lucas Fonseca

Amy Guo

Salima Hemani

Sam Obeid

Ben Reber

LaKendria Robinson

Matthew Werneken


“With hand picked speakers who have meaningful life experiences you are always able to learn from the ‘ideas that are worth spreading’ which is the foundation of TEDx events,” Alexis Werneken (‘23) said.


“All people from the community and the public can come and hear unique stories and experiences and eat some food and what we really want to do is create meaningful conversations,” Velasco (‘23) said. 


This event will be held Friday March 3rd at 6:30 pm.


Tickets are available to purchase for $20, just click the link below.

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