Student Spotlight: Angela Jordahl

IB senior Angela Jordahl receives multiple art awards


Angela Jordahl is a current senior in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. She’s currently taking the HL (higher level) IB Visual Art class. Her portfolio has received two gold keys, one silver key, and an honorable mention. Additionally, Jordahl was one of the five students selected by Pinellas County Schools art teachers for a scholarship award.

Jordahl has taken art classes since she was in elementary school and has never stopped. 


“I continued with my art classes as an outlet from my various academically challenging classes,” Jordahl said.


Over these years she has perfected her skill and technique on top of her natural artistic talent and become an award winning, well-rounded artist. She works hard to succeed both academically and artistically. 


“It can take me anywhere from 10 hours to 50 hours to finish an artwork depending on what medium. Usually, my best pieces come from painting directly on canvas without a clear concept or even a sketch,” Jordahl said. 


After high school she may continue art as a hobby. However, her plan is to continue her education and become a Physician’s Assistant.

“Sick” by Angela Jordahl

“My life and experiences are often what inspire my artworks,” Jordahl said.


Her favorite piece in her portfolio is titled “Sick”. It is an alcohol ink painting.


“I worked periodically on ‘Sick’ for about a week. It was a smaller artwork and did not take extremely long, however I included small details and many layers of alcoholic ink,” Jordahl said.