Prom night review

Kate Hardwick, Staff reporter

                It was a starry night to remember.  Prom 2011 for Palm Harbor high school in my opinion was spectacular.  The Kapok Tree was decked out in beautiful decorations to make fit the theme of a “starry night”.  The girls and boys came in twos dresses to impress.  The boy’s were looking buff and handsome in their bold black tuxedos with vests the color to match their dates dress.  The girl’s were adorned in beautiful, elegant jewelry and long flowing dresses with their hair curled.  It was like a princess ball.  The limos and party buses lined up to drop off groups of friends.  The administrators were there to great everyone as they walked in and check for tickets.

                “I had a great time at prom, and I am so sad it’s already over,” senior Hallie Hahn said.  “My friends and I all rode in a big 20 person party bus which made it an even better time.”

                The dance started it 8 and went all the way until 11:30.  The biggest part of the night was when they called for the prom king and queen.  Everyone gathered in front of the stairs to watch the boys and girls walk down in pairs, Ms. Tonry called them each one by one. First were Ryan Davidson and Dean Kotakis, second Kate Hardwick and Martin Licznerski, third Brooke Carter and Josh Hytner, fourth Kaley Witeck and Tyler Laforme, fifth Brooke Fortner and Bobby Bachus, sixth Chelsea King and Austin Glaus, seventh Devin McDaniel and Jared Hatch.  The girls were given a bouquet of tulips to talk down with.  The Prom king was Martin and the queen was Chelsea; after Ms. Tonry called them they received their crowns and danced to a song in the middle of the dance floor.

                “I was so happy and shocked when I won prom queen, I definitely wasn’t expecting it but it was a good surprise to end my senior prom,” Chelsea said.

                Prom in all was a great night and this one in particular is going to be a tough one to live up to in the years to come.