Grad Nite 2011 review

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

Disney Grad Nite 2011 was a great start to the end of senior year I’d say.  It was a blast and a night I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

This year’s Palm Harbor senior class was the last to attend the Disney celebration this year due to the decision of Disney deciding to discontinue the event; this is probably why this last celebration was a great one.  The event was Friday, April 29 and started at 9:00 p.m.  The park was full of high school seniors from all over Florida and the United States, thrilled and ready to pull an all nighter, for some it was their first time at Disney. 

Most of the students were excited about the performers they were going to see.  There was the two ever popular Taio Cruz and 3 OH! 3, which is who most of the students were there to see.  Taio Cruz put on an excellent performance playing all his hits on the radio and had the biggest crowd.

“Taio Cruz was definitely my favorite performer of the night because I listen to his music all the time,” senior Hallie Hahn said.

Besides the performers the students also had unlimited access to all the rides and Disney.  There were clubs and DJs set up all the through the park for the students to dance and socialize. 

“The one thing I thought was the coolest was the Silent Groove club.” Senior Ryan Davidson said.  “There was no DJ everyone just wore head phones and listened to the same music and danced.”

Disney Grad Nite has been around for a long time and it is definitely going to be missed with all the great memories it made for high school seniors.  As of now the memories will have to continue to be made at Universal Studio’s Grad Bash.