Last week fun

Laura Josephik, Staff Reporter

As the last few days of school come to a close there is not much work being done in class.  Teachers take these last couple of days to either review for exams, sign yearbook, have parties, or just relax.

“Our whole class goes on Pinterest all period long,” junior Emily Huot said.

Some teachers decide to have a movie night and feast with their students.

“In Mrs. Prince’s class we watched Lilo and Stitch and had so much food,” junior Eva Shotnz said.

Some classes just have to sit there all class period so the students decide to keep themselves occupied.

“We are having turtle races in Mrs. Webb’s class with the turtles some kids had,” junior Brad Gorman said.

Other students decided to show their love for Mrs. Sehl.  Students decorated her car with sticky notes and streamers.

This time of year allows for students to relax and have fun after a long hard year.