PHU stumps over Donald Trump


One year before the 2016 election, PHU students had mixed feelings about Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump. The name ignites various feelings from every spectrum of politics. Palm Harbor University High School is home to a student body of over 2500 kids, so we set out to try and find 10 diverse opinions about “The Don.”

When asked if they liked Donald Trump as a whole, our first six interviewees immediately replied with a blunt “no.” The response was shocking. Our thought was most of the students would prefer Donald Trump, simply because of his aggressive presence on social media.

When asked why she wouldn’t vote for Trump, sophomore Destiny Barber stated “I don’t like his outlooks on abortions.”

Juniors Kelly Roberts and Quinlyn Gardner both seemed to loathe Trump’s character as a person rather than his political stances. Gardner said “He [Trump] is pompous,” and Roberts simply put her opinion as “Trump’s just dumb.”

Day two of interviewing saw the final four students (all males) show their approval for the controversial candidate.

Senior Brian Flannagan sees Trump as a “money-maker” and hopes he can win the presidency so he can “keep making money” for the United States.

Holden Midkiff, a sophomore, spoke positively about Trump’s speeches. “He says the truth,” Midkiff said, “and he runs his own elections,” presumably touching on the fact that Trump doesn’t have to fundraise like the majority of candidates in the election.

Regardless of their political preference, the students also had their own input as to what the future 2016 electee should do when he/she takes over office.

Junior Beau Pearson hopes that the future president can help “lower gas prices,” while senior Brandi Seidito is wishing for a leader who can “stop the wars” and prevent them as a whole. Roberts simply wants a president to “just do something” displaying her frustration of the current job the president is doing now.

Overall, students are in outcry of a president who can make change in 2016, and those who can vote for the next election are looking forward to making their mark in American history.