See Who You Side With


Peter DiNapoli and Hayden Grooms

As the election for the 2016 United States’ President nears, a lot of students will be eligible to vote in both the primary and general election.

However, many newer and younger voters may not know where to start with their research regarding the candidates, parties, and issues.

An easy way to get your feet wet is by clicking on this link

This website offers a great, user-friendly way to see who you might align with, and most importantly, it does so without any bias towards any candidate.

It asks relatively simple questions referring to the environment, science, social, education, immigration, foreign policies, domestic policies, healthcare, electoral, and economic issues. If there are any blurry topics you may not be sure what it is, you can click on a “learn more” tab and it will briefly display a summary.

The test may be lengthy, but the results are intriguing and fascinating. Not only will you get matched up with a candidate, but you will also be able to see the closest party you match up with and also ideologies. It is an exceptional step to becoming an educated voter.