HOSA region IV results


Julia Incorvaia, Staff reporter

Continued from the The Eye newspaper.

The following HOSA competitors placed at their regional competition:

Medical Spelling 2nd place: Nishi Patel
Medical Reading 2nd place: Alexis McGurk
Medical Terminology 1st place: Kashif Basaria
Clinical Specialty 2nd place: Xenia Saliors
Sports Medicine 1st place: Joe Petrantoni
Sports Medicine 3rd place: Ryan Regan
CERT Skills 1st place: Kendall Phillips and Ajla Balic
CERT Skills 3rd place: Vivian Koufogazos and John Walker
CPR/ First Aid 3rd place: Elliana Bassous and Kaitlyn Ordway
Public Health 3rd place: Alexis Cinotti, Ashley Cinotti, Smith, Elizabeth Miles, Ashton Stappert
MRC Partnership 1st place: Trent Percy, Kyndal Midkiff, Ashley Milleman, Darry Bouie, Dina Hakki
Extemporaneous Health Poster 3rd place: Quinlan Harsch
Healthy Lifestyle 1st place: Anna Hamilton
Biomedical Debate 1st place: Sonam Dhanani, Roberto Velasco, Christina Velasco
Biomedical Debate 3rd place: Makayla Baer, Holly Butler, Makenna Mills, Johnathon Soares
Forensic Medicine 1st place: Meghan Orr, Nicholas Brunger
Public Service Announcement 3rd place: Erica Spondre, Summer O’Regan, Isabel Ionata, Lindsey Bauer, Kelly Murphy
Community Awareness 2nd place: Clarissa Benzarti, Rylee Gorman, Hannah Raymond
Creative Problem Solving 1st place: Nina Allowe, Julia Incorvaia, Anna Davis, Ania Soltys-Gilbert
Creative Problem Solving 3rd place: Joseph Mattei, Ryan Pujol, Ethan Kugler
Health Education 1st place: Kennen Warner, Melodie Zuelke, Carissa O’Harrow
Health Career Display 1st place: Hannah Enzor and Ally Kifer
Parliamentary Procedure 1st place: Alexa Orbesen, Garrit DuBois, Briana Negron, Kylar Barrett, Nicole Norwood