Homecoming Week


Caitlyn Hoolihan and Alexis Cesarini , Staff Reporters

Homecoming week is the only week of the school year where you’ll find grandmas, babies, greasers, hippies, decked out twins, action heros, and princesses roaming around Palm Harbor University High School. This year, certain traditions have been continued, such as Decades Day, Twin Day, and Spirit Day. New themes were also added, such as Character Day and Generation Day.

If you haven’t heard about this year’s homecoming themes, they are listed below. The excitement isn’t only on Saturday night at the homecoming dance. The week leading up to it is just as exciting, filled with school pride and endless costumes.

This year’s themes are as follows:

Monday: Generation Day

Tuesday: Twin Day

Wednesday: Decades Day

Thursday: Character Day

Friday: Spirit Day

September 19th was the kickoff of Homecoming Week. Freshman were spotted wearing onesies and binkies, while sophomores were bringing back their four-year-old nightgowns. Juniors stole from the closets of their moms and dads that morning as they dressed as parents. Of course, seniors were found with walkers and breath mints hobbling up the stairs. Some students even rebelled against the Generation Day theme by wearing red, white, and blue in tribute to last year.

There’s always room for a change, though.

“Maybe a mismatched day,” said Matt Blake, a sophomore, remembering last year’s theme of fashion disaster.

Even though the dress up days are a big part of the fun for Homecoming Week, students also look forward to going to the football game on Friday night.

“[I’m most excited for] the football game because everybody gets really excited. They go all out for Palm Harbor,” Abby Frye, a sophomore at PHU, said.

It’s obvious that students have been going all out with the themes this week. Even though the dress up days of Homecoming Week are coming to an end, students still have the Homecoming football game and the Homecoming dance to look forward to over the weekend.