The Tough Election

The choice seems to get harder and harder


Lizzy Mason, staff reporter

The first presidential debate for the 2016 election occurred on September 26, 2016. It was full of information with an intent to persuade viewers to follow one team. But what happens when both of the candidates lack that ‘I must choose you for president’ quality?

Let’s talk candidates. There is Donald Trump who focuses on immigration and expanding businesses. The other presidential candidate is Hillary Clinton, who wants to give potential to children and people all over. But they both have their bad sides. From missing emails to degrading women, these candidates are really making the choice tough.

“I really do not know who to vote for. Neither of these candidates are getting my attention. I will probably just vote for my party,” Mary Mason said.

It seems that is the view most people have on this election. It is getting harder to choose who will become the President for the next four years. It is almost as if the election should just start over because nobody seems to like their options.

“To be honest, I think that we’ll be headed down the right path if Clinton wins and it will be very bad if Trump is elected,” Sean Test said.

It seems that the public has mixed opinions. After reviewing the polls, it looks like Clinton is in the lead by a bit. The polls are almost half and half.

The most recent presidential debate that occurred on October 9 gave a better look at who the next president might be. After the debate, polls stated that 57% of people were leaning towards Clinton and 34% prefer Trump, who, at the debate tended to avoid answering questions. Clinton seemed quite confident. The debate covered topics from Islamophobia to the deleted emails and everything inbetween. Both presidential debates really have opened our eyes to who will be in control of our country.

People think that Trump should win because he has big plans for immigrants, in the way that he wants to deport them. He wants businesses to get bigger and the illegal immigration population to get smaller. However, he is quite disrespectful towards women and people of other races.

Right now more people are voting for Clinton, who wants to help immigrants become citizens and help the middle class population. Of course she has had her issues too, like the situation in which over 30,000 of her emails were deleted. People find it hard to trust someone who is careless with confidential information. However, at least Clinton treats people with respect. Either way, both candidates have their promises, some more realistic than the other. And the choice on which candidate should be the next President of the United States is a choice that many are afraid to make.

A lot of people are a bit scared for who might win. These candidates are not really the ideal image of who should be in office. It also seems that the only good this election is doing is giving inspiration for jokes. It is quite hard to take these candidates and the election seriously. And the election is coming up soon and a decision will have to be made.