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A local outing

Ava Rabbers, Staff Reporter

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This past weekend, downtown Palm Harbor hosted the annual Citrus Festival. It was full of carnival games, fair rides, and fried foods of all sorts. Since Florida specializes in growing oranges, it would only make sense to make this the theme of the festival. All ages roamed the streets of downtown Palm Harbor with giddy smiles and tickets flowing from their pockets.

Parents send their children off with wristbands for unlimited rides before heading to the stage to watch live bands like Storm Bringer and Jeriko Turnpike. All gated in, parents can enjoy themselves while the kids run around on spinny rides and miniature coasters.

Many students from Palm Harbor University attended this local event with their friends and family including sophomore Matt Morrin.

“It was fun and the food was amazing,” Morrin said. Fair food brings out an inner child in all of us. The powdered sugar sprinkled over fried desserts, hot cheese covered fries, and nacho chips are staple festival foods.

After putting the wristband on comes the overwhelming pattern of rides. Debating on whether or not to stand in line again for Wipe Out or to go get a fresh squeezed lemonade and corn dog is a common dilemma.

“The Zipper was by far the best,” Morrin said. This ride includes getting in a cage with a safety bar and turning around on a long ferris wheel type belt while the cage is spinning in no specific direction.

A short lived experience where everyone takes a moment to put down their phones and enjoy each other’s presence is what the festival is great for. The night sky is lit up with neon lights and shining white teeth from children, teens, and adults. It’s hard not to have a good time when you’re flying through the wind and fueled by sugar.

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A local outing