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Wet n’ Wild

Water Wars 2017 is off and many are already out of contention.

Ryan Thompson, Copy Editor

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Heading towards the end of the school year, Water Wars is becoming a new tradition at Palm Harbor University.

Water Wars is a Hunger Games type of event where there are teams, involving at least four players per team, are set to attack and ‘kill’ other players with their water tactics.

Rules are also a key player in Water Wars. Some rules consist of no attacks at work, school, or any schooling events, along with the ‘no picture, no kill’ rule to have proof of the kill.

Kills are scored by teams. If a member kills a student from another team, 1 point goes to the team who killed. As soon as you are killed, you are eliminated unless your team uses their one revive allotted for the game.

Rules are hard to keep track of, but the cheating has been getting out of control coming from contenders around the school.

This leads into some serious questions. Is this game just for fun, or is it a true fight for glory over others? Is it tearing apart relationships with other players?

Even though there are contributing factors in why water wars is bad, according to the many players, this game is still some of the most fun they have had all senior year.

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