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Panic in the ‘Sunshine State’

Michael Santini and Eli Thompson

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Hurricane Irma was turning our way. As preparations began for Irma to come, stores began running out of many necessities. Food and water became scarce all across the state.

Canned goods were almost completely out, and the water aisle was empty. The amount of panic that took place in the last days before the storm was too much for some to handle.

Gas; the power of the modern age. Being an important resource during the events of Irma due to running generators and traveling started to stress many.

Before the hurricane hit, gas became limited. The panic from the shortage caused more gas to be used, and eventually, gas stations were out of it.

Hotels across the state were booked up hours after the final turn of the storm. The travel to other states was too far and was bumper to bumper. More than 8,000 flights were cancelled. Many people also ran out of gas in the middle of the highway.  

Plywood, like gas, was being snatched up left and right. If you did not get it early, you would not get it by mid week. People lined up to get  fresh shipments of plywood for their windows and doors.

Hurricane kits are another essential, maybe the most important part of surviving a strong hurricane. Some of these kits include flashlights and other items such as batteries.

Preparations could help improve the chances you have at surviving a hurricane. With many more of in the Atlantic, they could put Florida at risk once more. Act now and be prepared for the future.

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Panic in the ‘Sunshine State’